About Us

Our business is to make your business grow, to reach and engage your audience. Through the power of video, we help you to succeed.

Media Services Australia is a full service Broadcast Multimedia and Video Production company based in Melbourne, Australia. For the past 20 years, we are the one-stop creative resource for a wide variety of BRW 500 companies, ad-agencies, government departments, non-profits, and other organizations. From the scratch of an idea to the post-production phase, we shape our clients’ message so to enhance and consolidate their communication with their clients. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

How we do it


What’s unique about a client’s project? That’s where we begin the creative process and reach for what our clients know best: their products.

2. Creative Brief and Pitch

Having a clear idea of the product features and the client goals, we get started on translating our client’s message into a high-quality video. After that, we compile the best briefed ideas and format them into a pitch.

3. Approval and Pre-Production

Here is where we tighten the final concept with the client and pull out our sleeves to pre-produce everything needed to make it happen.

4. Production and Post-Production

We put our teams on the street (or into the studio) and set out to transform our script into a vision, using top of the line equipment and cameramen. After the shooting is wrapped, the material is handed to our team of editors and motion professionals for finalization.

Our Team

Bill Zographos, the founder of MSA, is a Director & Producer of multiple TV programs, TV News/Current Affairs, Major Sporting Events and Marketing Video campaigns. He has a passion for Television, and an acute sense of visual perfection, with 25 years and an assortment of productions solely under his name.

Recently, together with George Donikian, from Donikian Media, we have combined strengths in business development and marketing to ensure MSA continues to build new relationships and is always at the forefront of technology and creative excellence.

Theo Zographos is the Director of Creative and holds a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism and Public Relations with a strong professional record in senior government advisory positions.